Hello everyone! I can’t believe we’re on the second month of the year! 🙈 Here are the lovely books I plan on reading this February!

The Winner’s Kiss
By: Marie Rutkoski
I’ve already started reading this one (about 100 pages in) and I’m loving it a lot more than the other books! For me, I found the previous books to be more on the 3 star end of things, but so far I’m flying through this finale!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By: J.K Rowling

This one’s a reread for me, which I have been reading since the beginning of January! I love the HP world so much, and I’m extremely glad that I’m taking the time to read it again (for the millionth time).

By: Stephanie Garber
I’m so insanely excited for this one, since I’ve been hearing nothing but good things. I haven’t yet bought this book, but I definitely will soon!

By: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I neeeeeed to read this one! It’s been on my TBR for ages! I think the only thing that’s stopping me, is the fact that I’ll have to wait another year for the next book lol.

By Your Side
By: Kasie West
Look at me go! I’m throwing in another contemporary book in this pile! I really want to start reading more of this genre, especially since I’ve been on a fantasy kick for the past 6 months!

5 books for this shorter month! If I get through all of them, I’ll be at 10/45 for my Goodreads challenge!

What’s your Goodreads goal?
Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you have a fantastic reading month!