This is the second book to a series! I’ll let you know when the spoilers for the second book start in this review!

Title: Traitor to the Throne
Author: Alwyn Hamilton
My Rating: 5 STARS! (literally all the stars I could possibly give)

My Review: (caution this is gonna be a LONG one)
Let me just start off by saying…oh my god. This book is literally INCREDIBLE, like I don’t think you understand my love for this book. I pretty much enjoyed every single aspect of it.

If you haven’t already read the first book Rebel of the Sands, I highly recommend that you do. A word to describe the first book in this series to me, would be compelling. Rebel of the Sands was such an entertaining read with all the quirk and sass that everyone loves. We follow a main character who has the full intention to leave her town Dustwalk and is striving for a better life elsewhere. Amani has such strength and toughness to her character, but also carries this realistic nature that you can’t help but identify in yourself as well.

She disguises herself as a boy to attend a sharpshooting contest (one in which she’s obviously going to win because she legit never misses a shot) and stumbles upon a foreign boy who is a whole lot more than he seems.

That’s all I’m going to say about the first book, BUT GUYS it’s so much more than just that description. I mean I thought I loved book one but book two is even better.

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