Hello everyone! Today I will be discussing my MOST anticipated releases of the new year, which is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to discuss! 😉

These will be listed in chronological order, starting with a book that has already been released…

The Cruel Prince
Author: Holly Black
Release Date: January 2, 2018

At this point, who hasn’t heard of this book? This is one of those books that literally EVERYONE in the book community is talking about, and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on it! (hurry up amazon!) From just reading the synopsis, and from what I’ve heard, this book follows our main character Jude whose family was taken away from her at a young age. Her parents were murdered and her two sisters were to live in the High Court of Faerie. I believe she goes to the faerie court herself, wanting to be like the Fae especially since she is human? I don’t want to research further into that because just the word faerie and courts and romance instantly got me intrigued by this book! Plus this will be my first Holly Black book! Also, to those who have already read this…let me know if you’re supposed to read The Darkest Part of the Forest before this one?
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