Hello everyone! I decided to do this fun little post, (even though it’s literally March…) to share with you guys the books I MUST read before 2018 is over. (I know this is really late, but ya girl still wants to set some goals for herself 😂)

I already made a most anticipated 2018 reads list, which were books that are coming out this year, but for this list I’m going to be talking about books that have already been released for quite awhile. This is mainly to share with you guys the books that I still haven’t read…

The Mortal Instruments + The Dark Artificies
Author: Cassandra Clare

I WILL DO IT. I SWEAR. I’ve been so motivated to read this series these past few weeks, and I am determined to catch up! I mean, I only have City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire, Lady Midnight, and Lord of Shadows…it’s not impossible, BUT THE BOOKS ARE SO FREAKIN LONG. (Don’t worry, I will make a promise to myself to catch up before October!)

Throne of Glass series IMG_4901
Author: Sarah J. Maas

*hides in shame* Let me explain myself, I’ve read and finished Heir of Fire, so technically I only have 3 books to go. But this is another piece of evidence that I’m lazy and I’m too intimidated by books that are over 600 pages long. I am an extremely slow reader, so reading a SJ. Maas book takes me about 10-14 days. I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE.

I will try my absolute hardest to finish this series (even though I pretty much know everything that happens) but WE’LL SEE. (btw, I was just looking at my bookshelf and almost cried at how big Queen of Shadows is help).

Red Rising
Author: Pierce Brown

I cannot wait to read this one! It’s a book that is definitely on my immediate TBR since I love science fiction books so much, and everyone seems to love this book!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone IMG_4905
Author: Laini Taylor

This was a series that I wasn’t really interested in…until I read Strange the Dreamer. Because that book blew my mind away with the phenomenal characters and world-building, I immediately had the incentive to READ MORE LAINI TAYLOR!

I already own Daughter of Smoke and Bone, so I’m planning to read it in the near future! (and how intriguing is this first page!?)

The Darkest Part of the Forest
Author: Holly Black

See, this was on my TBR when it first came out a couple years ago, but for some reason I took it off? I guess I wasn’t as interested anymore, but when I read the Cruel Prince in January, and heard that they are set in the same world, I immediately ordered the book. 😂

The Bone Season
Author: Samantha Shannon

Another book I see around quite a bit! I really need to jump on these bandwagons ASAP! I’m still super excited to read this book because the concept is so cool and I can’t wait to love it! And it’s a dystopian novel, which I feel like I haven’t read in forever! I also think this trilogy is completed…? So maybe I’ll get this whole series read!

The Secret History
Author: Donna Tart

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to read this one. It’s like I almost don’t want to read it, because I know it’s going to be amazing? I feel like EVERYONE is obsessed with this book. It’s literally all I see on my instagram popular page, and everyone talks so highly about it. I barely have any idea what it’s about, but I want to keep it that way. I love being surprised about the plot of a book!

So that’s all I have for today! I think this is a decent amount of books, (a lot more if you count the individual books in the series I listed) but let’s not dwell on that. I’m hoping to get to atleast half of these books so wish me luck!

Which books do you want to get to before 2019? Are some the same as mine?

Thanks for reading!