Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing this around the book community for awhile, and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys the books that I predict might be five star reads!

Obviously these might now actually end up being 5 stars, but a girl can dream!

Children of Blood and Bone
By: Tomi Adeyemi IMG_5096

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory! The hype and buzz surrounding this book is insane! And the premise of this book is definitely right up my alley so I can’t wait to read it as soon as possible!

Lady Midnight
By: Cassandra Clare 25494343

I know, I know, I still haven’t finished reading The Mortal Instruments yet (one more book left to go!) but I just cannot wait to dive into this one! I’ve been hearing such amazing things, and I think it’ll be refreshing to be in the same world, but with new characters! And Cassandra Clare’s books seem to get better with every new release so fingers crossed for this one as well!

The City of Brass
By: S.A Chakraborty 32718027

I’M SO EXCITED TO READ THIS ONE! It’s an own voices Muslim Fantasy YA/Adult series that I am over the moon to read. I love books with Djinn, it’s something that I am so interested in, so I’m hoping this one will not disappoint! Plus it’s been awhile since I’ve read some historical fiction!

The Book Thief
By: Markus Zusak 51lk1ngak6l-_sx317_bo1204203200_

I just know that this will be a five star/potential favorite of mine. IDK what it is! It’s almost like I know how special this book will be, and I’m putting it off because I’m not ready to read it yet! But I’m also really nervous because I’ve been hyping this book up for myself for YEARS, so I’m 100% guaranteed to be disappointed if it doesn’t live up to it.

King of Scars
By: Leigh Bardugo 36307634

….can I even include this? 😂 I’M TOO EXCITED! I love Nikolai so much from the previous books, and I was certainly thrilled to here about his own series! I already know I’m going to love this book, I’ve loved every other Leigh Bardugo book (except for Ruin and Rising but we don’t talk about that lol) so I’m almost certain this one won’t disappoint!

Hopefully these end up reaching 5 stars…(4 is pretty decent too!) but I don’t want to list more in case I start setting my expectations too high! 😝

Let me know in the comments below if you actually ended up rating any of these books five stars! And any predictions of your own that might be five star reads?

Thanks for reading!